12:45 PM (Tuesday) | *Scattered strong-to-severe thunderstorms this afternoon/evening across eastern PA, New Jersey, southern NY* — Perspecta Weather


This upper-level feature will continue to have an impact on Wednesday in the Northeast US as we begin the month of July.  There was no sustained heat wave in the I-95 corridor during the month of June with numerous outbreaks of seasonal air masses and overall monthly temperatures were not too far from normal in places likely DC, Philly and NYC.  Later this week, there is the chance for some hot weather, but it looks like it too will not be part of any sustained heat wave.  Nonetheless, temperatures could shoot up into the 90’s on Friday in the I-95 corridor, but are likely to drop back some this weekend following the passage of a weak cool frontal system.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Perspecta, Inc.

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Paul Dorian

2020-06-30 12:35:04

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