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The government is to ease lockdown restrictions and allow the sale of alcohol - but not cigarettes. Source link
A Ukrainian lawmaker was found shot dead in his office on Saturday, the deputy interior minister Anton Gerashchenko said. Source link
A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck the New Zealand city of Levin, near the country's capital Wellington, a day after a 5.8 tremor was recorded in the same area, government seismic monitor Geonet said on Tuesday. Source link
An opposition party urges people to protest from their cars in order to maintain social distancing. Source link
Cleaners and disinfecting crews are part of an unheralded workforce helping to fight the coronavirus — yet some are barely scraping by. Source link
The Taliban stand on the brink of realizing their most fervent desire: U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan. They have given up little of their extremist ideology to do it. Source link
The top adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson caused a furor after it was learned he had driven 260 miles to his parents’ home. Source link
Few leaders have the sort of shadows that hang over Suriname’s President Dési Bouterse: a former coup leader and strongman, convicted of murder and drug smuggling and overseeing a dire economy Source link
The U.S. military said on Tuesday that Russia has deployed fighter aircraft to Libya to support Russian mercenaries fighting for eastern forces, adding to concerns of a new escalation in the conflict. Source link
A key adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson created a furor after traveling in violation of the government’s rules. And the W.H.O. halted trials of hydroxychloroquine, citing safety concerns. Source link