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As Britain prepares to leave the European Union this week and enter an 11-month transition period, E.U. citizens will need to apply to live and work in the United Kingdom. Source link
The president did not publicly take his host to task over alleged discrimination and human rights abuses but said India’s rise is tied to unity and tolerance. Source link
A major earthquake struck south of Cuba on Tuesday, sending shockwaves as far as Miami and sparking panic in the Cayman Islands where it ripped open sinkholes, but did not do serious damage to people or property, initial reports said. Source link
Wearing masks and keeping about a metre apart, men and women in Wuhan were dancing once again on a Saturday night by the side of the Yangtze river, which winds through the central Chinese city where the novel coronavirus pandemic began. Source link
Despite heavy security, there have been scattered protests in the capital after the state admitted shooting down the airline Source link
The blaze occurred at a home where mostly men with mental and other disabilities lived, officials said. Source link
The news comes as the government prepares to declare a nationwide state of emergency. Source link
One gunman live-streamed footage of his rampage to Facebook, filmed with a head-mounted camera. The footage showed him firing indiscriminately at men, women and children from close range inside the Al-Noor mosque. Police called on the public not to share the "extremely distressing" footage online. Facebook said it had removed...
President Volodymyr Zelensky asked for U.S., British and Canadian governments “to supply information and evidence pertaining to this plane crash.” Source link
Populist Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged his followers on Sunday to help security forces clear roads blocked during months of sit-in protests, calling for a return to normal life after the designation of a new prime minister. Source link