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A new book shines a light on America's dark history of tacitly supporting brutal, murderous regimes in the name of fighting communism. Source link
Boyfriends and girlfriends living in Germany and the Nordic countries can visit partners in Denmark. Source link
The U.S. military said on Tuesday that Russia has deployed fighter aircraft to Libya to support Russian mercenaries fighting for eastern forces, adding to concerns of a new escalation in the conflict. Source link
Cleaners and disinfecting crews are part of an unheralded workforce helping to fight the coronavirus — yet some are barely scraping by. Source link
Similar legislation is also being considered in South Korea after a K-pop singer committed suicide last year. Source link
Environmentalists in the south of France find masks and gloves littering the seabed. Source link
And what else you need to know today. Source link
While the lockdown slowed the spread of the novel coronavirus, experts say it did not succeed in flattening the curve. Instead, the number of fresh cases is rising, and experts say loosening the restrictions means cases will increase at faster rates. Source link
Indian states witnessing millions of migrant labourers returning from the big cities are recording rising coronavirus infections, officials said on Tuesday, fearing that the pandemic could spread through villages where medical care is basic at best. Source link
Ho was credited with steering Macau to overtake Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. Source link