Hoyer: Appropriations markups to start in late June


But Hoyer made clear that recess could get pushed back if legislative business isn’t finished.

“If the House is able to complete its work on these items by the end of July, no changes will be made to the August District Work Period, barring, of course, any additional measures that need to be taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” he wrote.

The House Appropriations Committee has not released its markup schedule yet, though key committee members said this week they expected the committee would complete its work by the end of July.

That will require a quick turnaround for appropriators and staff who will need to draft, mark up and manage floor debate on a dozen bills containing nearly $1.4 trillion in federal spending. Key panel members are also expected to play a role in negotiations on the next COVID-19 aid package that could be released sometime during the next several weeks.

The Senate Appropriations Committee hasn’t released its markup schedule for the fiscal 2021 process, though chairman Richard C. Shelby, R-Ala., said last week he hopes to begin marking up bills the third week in June.

Jennifer Shutt

2020-05-29 10:56:03

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