Scenes from a New York City Protest of the Police Killing of George Floyd


On Thursday afternoon, hundreds of protesters converged on Union Square, in New York City, to join the outcry over the police killing of George Floyd, in Minneapolis. Chris Facey, a student at the School of Visual Arts and a father of two girls, attended the demonstration. The police used bikes to form a barricade, in the hopes of keeping the protest contained to a single corner of the square, but, as Facey put it, “everything started spilling out.” He witnessed police officers shoving protesters and hitting them with bikes, “bending their arms in places they’re not meant to go.” More than seventy people were arrested. According to the police, several officers were injured. (On Friday, a new round of demonstrations—and arrests—took place, in Foley Square and at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn.)

Marella Gayla

2020-05-29 21:11:39

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