Upcoming Google Nest smart speaker emerges in regulatory filing


Reports have suggested that Google was working on a Nest-branded speaker to replace the Home and this filing fits the bill. This speaker ditches the Home’s all-plastic design for the fabric facades Google has used on the likes of Home Mini/Home Hub, Home Max and Home Hub Max. It can stand upright and it’ll be around 21cm tall. The Google Assistant mic switch, power jack and Google logo are on the rear.

MIC The Radio Use Website/Google

The design is a little strange. It looks as though someone took a Google Home Max and squished it into an oval. The power button is on the base as well, so if you stand the speaker vertically, it seems you’ll have to push the whole thing down to turn it on or off without lifting it up.

It’s unclear when Google plans to announce the speaker. But given that regulators are assessing the device, chances are the company won’t wait too much longer to launch it.

Leaked image of the Google Nest speaker

MIC The Radio Use Website/Google

2020-07-09 11:06:34

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