March 5, 2021

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A OnePlus fitness tracker is on the way — here’s what we know

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2021 has barely gotten out of bed, but the gadget machine never stops churning. And today? Well, it has coughed up the impending arrival of a OnePlus fitness tracker:

If true — which, and let’s be honest here, it looks like it is — this will be OnePlus‘ first fitness tracker. So, what will it be called? Well, Android Central believes it’ll be known as the OnePlus Band, a name I’d give a solid 7/10 to. Descriptive, sure. Exciting? Less so.

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There isn’t much (read: any) official information about the OnePlus fitness tracker, but thankfully leakers have been out here doing God’s work and giving us all the tasty details. In terms of specs, Twitter user Ishan Agarwal got hold of a whole load of info, which you can see here:

That, friends, is a damn fine selection of specs for a fitness tracker, but do you know what’s even better? That rumored price converts to around $35 — a similar price to Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5, a market segment the OnePlus fitness tracker is obviously targeting.

Aesthetics-wise, we also have a strong indication about what the OnePlus Band will look like:

Yes, the OnePlus fitness tracker looks like pretty much every other fitness tracker, but what would you expect for $35? Fireworks? A holographic display? Wheels? This is a bit of functional tech set to do a solid job.

In terms of release date, there’s no official announcement. Agarwal believes it’ll launch in India on January 11, and other experts are predicting a more global release in Q1 of this year. All we know for sure is the OnePlus fitness tracker is set to make an already competitive segment busier than ever.

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Published January 5, 2021 — 13:04 UTC

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