August 10, 2022

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Casey White and Vicky White: Authorities are working on leads to help identify the vehicle an Alabama inmate and corrections officer left in when they disappeared

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The pair went missing Friday after Vicky White, assistant director of corrections for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, said she was taking inmate Casey White for a mental health evaluation at the county courthouse. But the officer and inmate, who officials say are not related, never arrived at the courthouse and authorities later discovered there was no evaluation or hearing scheduled for Casey White that day.

When Vicky White checked Casey White out of the detention center around 9:30 a.m., she said she was going to drop him off at the courthouse and then get medical care because she wasn’t feeling well, but she didn’t make it to the location she was to receive medical attention, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

Friday afternoon, concerned officers at the jail tried to call Vicky White but her phone went straight to voicemail. They then found Casey White had never been returned to jail.

Authorities were considering multiple scenarios over the weekend, including whether Vicky White was overpowered and kidnapped by the 6-foot-9 inmate or whether she assisted him in escaping, through either coercion or her own willingness, Singleton told CNN.

Casey White was being held at the jail on murder charges.

Around 11 a.m. Friday, Vicky White’s patrol vehicle was spotted in a shopping center parking lot by someone who was on their lunch break, Singleton said.

Saturday, the sheriff said authorities searched video security footage in the area where the patrol vehicle was found, but did not turn up any evidence showing the two getting into another vehicle. The sheriff’s office is working on leads that may help investigators identify the vehicle the pair left in, Singleton said Sunday, adding there is “nothing confirmed at this time.”

“We continue to view video footage for possible leads but have recovered nothing that has had a significant impact on the investigation,” said Singleton, adding authorities do not know whether they are still in Alabama.

Inmate previously plotted to escape

In 2020, Casey White was planning to escape the jail and take a hostage, but detention center employees caught him, Singleton said. After his plan was discovered, the prison established a policy mandating two sworn deputies accompany him at all times, including during transportation to the courthouse, the sheriff told CNN.

Casey White was serving 75 years for a series of crimes in 2015, which included a home invasion, carjacking and a police chase, according to the US Marshals Service. He is also facing two counts of capital murder for the stabbing death of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway in 2015, the Marshals Service said.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office released an updated picture of Casey White Sunday.

He confessed to the killing in 2020 and then pleaded not guilty, according to Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly. He was being held at the detention center awaiting trial.

Because Vicky White was armed with a 9mm handgun when the pair went missing, authorities are assuming Casey White is likely armed, Singleton said, adding it is unknown if there were other weapons in her patrol vehicle.

Singleton said the corrections officer is likely in danger no matter the circumstances of their disappearance.

“He was in jail for capital murder, and he had nothing to lose,” the sheriff said. “Whether she assisted him or not we don’t know, and we won’t address that until we have absolute proof that that’s what happened. We are assuming at this point that she was taken against her will unless we can absolutely prove otherwise. But regardless, even if she did assist him, we think she’s in danger.”

The Marshals Service joined the search for the inmate and officer and is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to the capture of Casey White and the location of Vicky White.

Veteran officer violated jail policy

As the assistant director of corrections, Vicky White was aware of the jail policy requiring Casey White to be escorted by two sworn deputies at all times, according to Singleton. By removing him from the detention center on her own, Vicky White broke the protocol.

An Alabama inmate and a corrections officer are missing. Here's what we know

“All precautions were in place,” Singleton said. “The questions we have for Director White is why she violated policy.”

Singleton said the officer had frequent access to people held in the detention center, including Casey White.

Vicky White submitted her retirement papers to the department last week, according to Singleton, who described her as “an exemplary employee” with “an unblemished record.”

“All of her co-workers, all the employees in the sheriff’s office, the judges, all have the most utmost respect for her,” Singleton said.

Vicky White has been with the department for about two decades, Singleton said. She is a widow with no children and her mother and two brothers live in Lauderdale County.

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield, Rebekah Reiss, Keith Allen and Jamiel Lynch contributed to this report.

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