February 25, 2021

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House Republicans Took $152,000 In Blood Money From Insurrection Planners

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House Republicans took over $152,000 from Reps. Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar who have been named as insurrection planners.

According to a statement from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The lead organizer of the failed insurrection on January 6th, which eventually invaded the Capitol and murdered a police officer, named three Republican members of Congress as his co-leads in organizing the attempted coup. Ali Alexander, internet troll and Republican firebrand, claimed in a now-deleted video that Reps. Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar came up with the idea to ‘pressure’ members of the House and Senate while they were voting to certify the results of the presidential election, won by President-elect Joe Biden with a landslide 7 million vote majority. At a prior ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, Alexander called Gosar “the spirit animal” of their “movement.”

Here are the House Republicans who received donations from the insurrection planners:

It is not enough for House Republicans to return the money. They must be held accountable for their efforts to incite the overthrow of the United States government. On the Senate side, an investigation of Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz has been called for, but what happened in the House was even worse than what Cruz and Hawley did.

The insurrection was plotted from within the House, and any House Republican who accepted money from the plotters is unfit to serve in Congress and should lose or be forced to vacate their seat.

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2021-01-22 14:37:46

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